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All who surrender will be spared: whoever does not surrender but opposes with struggle and dissension, shall be annihilated.
--Genghis Khan


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The name of the Mongolia has always stirred up visions of the untamed and exotic-the warlord Gehghis Khan, camels wandering in the Gobi Desert and wild horses galloping across the steppes. Even today, Mongolia seems like the end of the earth-outside Ulaan-Baatar you being to wonder if you have'nt stepped into another country. It remains one of the the last great adventure destination in Asia.

Mongolia survival as an independent nation is little short of miraculous, sandwiched as it is between the godzilla states of Russia and China. The country ruling democratic coalation but independent cost them dearly.

Luanguages: Mongolian, Turkic, Russian, Chinese
Religion: Tibetan Buddhism, Muslim, Shanism, Christian
Goverment:Communist REpublic
President: Bagabandi Natsag
Prime Minister: Enkhbayar Nambar

Location: Northern Asia, between China and Russia
Geographis coordinates: 46 00N, 105 00E
Map references: Asia
Area: Total 1.565 million sq km
Climate: deserts, continental(large daily and seasonal temeprature ranges)
Terrain: vast semidesert and desert plains; mountains in the west southwest; Gobi Desert in southeast
Elevation extremes: lowest point-Hoh Nuur
highest point: Tavan Bogd Uul4,374m
Natural resources: oil, coal, copper, molybdenum, tungsten,
phosphates, tin, nickel, zinc, wolfram, flourspar, gold

GDP: US $1billion
GDP per person: US $390
Annual growth: 3.5%
Major Trading Partners: Russia, China, Japan, US



The twenty-third generation after blue wolf whose destiny Heaven's will, was Temujin who is born into Borjigin clan to his mother Oulen and his father Yesuhei on the bank of the Onon river, in the heart of Mongol. Genghis khan was born in the early 1960's (it has been argues between 1162-1167, but recently agreement been made for 1167),was named Temujin because in the time of his birth, his father had captured a Tatar chieftain of the same name. Legend says that newborn Temujin had a bloodclot in the palm of his hand, an omen that he was destined to be a hero.

In Temujin was a young, his father was poisoned by a grouup of Tatars, and the Kiyat tribe broke up and scattered, abondoning their chief's family and leaving Temujin's mother, Ho'elun, to raise her children alone. Accounts of Temujin golrify him as intelligent, brave, and an adept fighter, even from an early age, and as such potential threat to the leaders of other tribes of the steppe. As a young man, despite extreme hardships, he repeatedly met perils and endured crises through force of character and willpower.

One important accomplishment of Genghis Khan is that he was unified the Mongol nation and established the United Empire of Mongols.


...the Russian Revolution of 1917 shocked Mongolia's aristoctary. Taking advantage of Russia's weakness, a Chinese warlord sent his troops into Mongolia 1919 and occupied the capital. In early 1921, retreating White Russians anticommunist troops entered Mongolia and expelled the Chinese. The brutality of the both the Chinese and Russian forces inflamed the Mongolians desire for independence. As the Russian Bolsheviks were steadily advancing against the White Russian forces in Siberia, Mongolian Nationalists asked the Bolsheviks for help. Together they recaptured Ulaan Baatar in July 1921. On 26 November 1924, the Mongolian People's Republic (MRP) was declared and Mongolia became the worlds second communist country... March 1990, large pro-democracy protests erupted in the square in front of the parliament building in Ulaan Baatar and hunger strikes were held. Things then happened quickly: Batmonkh lost power; new political parties sprang up; and hunger strikes protests continued. In May the goverment amended the constitution to permit multiparty election but, ironically, rular areas voted overwhelmingly yo stay under the protective shelter of communist party...

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