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CO DESC: Varsity International is a leading marketing company. Since its inception in 1970, The Varsity Internship has helped thousands of students develop a phenomenal resume, gain valuable experience and communication skills, travel to different parts of the country.

MISSION STATEMENT: Helping others achieve success principals through service minded leadership.

GOALS: 1. To enable students to run their own business and gain practical business experience
2. To give students leadership training and experiences as managers
3. To enable students to earn money to pay for their college education
4. To market selective products
5. To enable students to enter their chosen career debt-free and with a substantial amount saved.

QUALIFICATIONS: All majors are welcome to apply

WAGE/SLRY: Commission Based On Sales ( Average- $6000 to $8000 )

DAYS/HRS: 6 Days /Week, 12 Hours/ Day, ( May 10 Aug 25)

WHY WE EXIST: One of the biggest challenges students face when looking for a summer job or internship, is finding something
that not only applies to their major and future career plans, but also one that is rewarding Personally,
Professionally and Financially.

WHAT DO WE DO: Our interns are professionally trained to run their own business selling educational books ,bibles and videos to
families with kids. Varsity Interns develops skills employers actually value. Couple this with the opportunity
to receive college credit and earn more money in a 12 week period than they ever have before and you have
close to the perfect summer experience.

SELECTION: Students are screened and interviewed nationwide from various campuses. Selection procedure consists of
attending info session held up by the managers. This session is designed to give all details on the products,
training and benefits we offer and to find out more about the student and what they are looking for the summer.

WORK WITH VI : The most successful people in any career are the ones who combines the knowledge of their field with people
knowledge, leadership skills, and a professional attitude. There are several attractions to our program:
1. MONEY: Opportunity to earn well over $6000 to $8000 in a 12 week period.
2. TRAVEL: Live and work in another part of the country to develop independence and teamwork.
3. FUN: A chance to work and have fun with their friends in a challenging environment.
4. EXPERIENCE: Our interns learn practical business skills like Sales, Accounting, Inventory
Control, Customer Service and Budgets along with invaluable success principals like
Goal Setting, Persistence, Hard work and the importance of Attitude.
5. COLLEGE CREDIT: 3 4 hours of credit available.
6. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Once students work with varsity , they are guaranteed a job
every year that they are in school, thus beginning their development as a leader. They
now learn how to recruit, train, motivate and lead other students. This is true
leadership experience as compared to leading a social club on campus.
7. TRAINING: Over 100 hours of professional training both before the summer and on the job help
our interns be successful. This along with incentive trips and seminars during the
school year, helps them develop skills that attract employers.


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